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"Airbnb for storage startup, Roost, opens up to help you store your stuff"

"Roost makes it easy to rent out the extra space you have in your home."

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Customers love Roost

It’s a great way to utilize your space, make extra money, and help your neighbors store their items so they don’t have to stress out about it.

Dorie Host San Francisco, CA

Could not have had a cheesier or more perfect experience than this. The girl in the house even helped me move my stuff in! What a treat! Use this for storage. It's the next Airbnb.

Majd Renter San Francisco, CA

I was looking for a second job, and thought 'Is someone really going to rent out my space?' And they did! People come together via Roost.

Michelle Host San Bruno, CA

It's a really neat idea and it helps keep your stuff in the neighborhood.

Mark Renter San Bruno, CA

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